The Dublin Illustrated Edition of Ulysses

The Dublin Illustrated Edition of Ulysses, endorsed by The James Joyce Centre, meticulously recreates the 1922 text. It has been published to celebrate the Global Bloomsday Gathering, a live online reading of Ulysses which starts on 15 June 2013 at the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin.

Jamie O’Connell was a member of the O’Brien Press editorial team who produced this edition of Ulysses. An essay about his experience of editing Ulysses is available on the O’Brien Press blog. Alternatively, read it here.

Hardback: 1056 pages
Size: 196×130 mm
ISBN: 9781847175908

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‘…given that Ulysses has been so commented on and the text even messed about with in some editions, many will be glad of the opportunity to read the book as Joyce intended’ 
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