Long Story, Short Journal March 2014

March 3, 2014

‘Pussy Bratchford is on the Verge of Becoming a Good Christian’ – a 2013/14 short story by Jamie O’Connell – was published by The Long Story, Short Journal. The full story can be read here. The short story was reviewed by Mel U on ReadingLives and described as follows:

‘…This is an excellent, very knowing story about sex identity,masculinity and femininity, how living with pain, about being deeply alone, about the creation of self. ‘ 

The full review can be read here.


Pussy Bratchford is on the Verge of Becoming a Good Christian

Pussy Bratchford is on the verge of becoming a good Christian. Now that he has given up sex and ketamine, he gets his kicks bidding at auctions and leaving without paying. He makes plenty money on the drag circuit, where he calls his audience gee-bags, muff divers and sword swallowers. One time, when he hosted bingo, he asked the crowd had anyone got a line when he spotted a RTE children’s presenter in the audience and told her ‘not the kind of line you’re thinking of’. The one from the telly broke her hole laughing.

It’s all shits and giggles, that’s what Pussy says, if you didn’t laugh you’d cry. He thinks that comedians are destined to have sad lives, though he’ll also admit that most of the shit he brought on himself. Whenever a new ‘gal’ appears in the show, Pussy tells them doing drag will fuck up their love lives. He has had a string of guys during his thirty-three years, some who wished he’d give up the makeup, others who liked the idea of woman upstairs, man downstairs. Though Pussy claims never to have been in love; he can’t stomach ‘all that Hallmark shit’.

Tonight is Pussy’s first time back on stage in Tool Box; it has been over a month since his grandmother, Nana Ryder, was buried and, though he made his stage debut over a decade ago, the thirty-five days outside of his usual routine have made his nerves return. He opens his large suitcase and lifts out the folded clothes, the dresses glitter with sequins, other pieces he found in high-street stores and charity shops. Penney’s is good for shoes; their size eight heels just about hold his size nine feet. Sure, Pussy’s toes burn after each show but that’s what you get for wearing plastic sling-backs… (Continue reading here)